Enrolment Form:

Only complete this enrolment if your course starts on or after the 01 January 2024.

An enrolment form must be comleted in full prior to attending your course.  If this course progresses onto another course in the same academic year you may not be asked to complete additional enrolments,

Enrolment Process

You will be sent a link to the enrolment form when you register your interest in a course.  All of the detail you need to know will be included in the email you received when you registered interest or given to you by the course tutor.

It is very important that you:

  • review the Eligibility criteria for the course - this can be found on the course details page
  • enrolment forms should be completed in full
  • if there is a fee for the course you will be expected to pay in full prior to course commencement - follow the PayNow link on the enrolment form
  • Family Learning Courses (courses held in conjunction with School) are aimed at parents/ carers of children attending that school (there are instances when this might be different but you will be contacted prior to the first session to confirm your eligibility and place on the course)
  • if you have difficulty completing the enrolment form please attend on of the Information and enrolment sessions

you can attend one of the many Information and Enrolment Sessions at the following venues (please search course details page for Enrolment to find specific dates/times)

  • The Wakes - Oakengates
  • Wellington Library - Wellington Civic Centre
  • Hadley Community Centre - High Street, Hadley
  • Leegomery Community Centre - Leegate Avenue, Leegomery
  • Brookside Central - Bembridge, Brookside
  • Donnington Community Hub - St Matthews Road
  • Dawley Social Club - King Street, Dawley
  • Madeley Library - Anstice Square Madeley
  • Park Lane Centre - Woodside

Help and Support

If you require help with completing the enrolment form we are here, please contact:

or attend one of the many information and enrolment sessions.